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What is a complaint ?

A complaint is a written statement by which you express your dissatisfaction with our company on one or more clearly identified issues. A request for a service or benefit, a request for information, clarification or advice is not a complaint.

How to make a complaint ?

The complaint takes the form of a written document sent by post or by e-mail. A standard form is available for you to submit a complaint to us. This form must be sent :

By post: LERIA, Service Réclamations, 60 rue de la Chaussée d’Antin, 75 009 PARIS

By e-mail to the address: servicereclamations@leria-insurance.com

How is your complaint handled ?

We will acknowledge your complaint within a maximum of 10 working days of receipt. If you do not receive a reply within this period, this means that we have not received your complaint, in which case we would be grateful if you could send it back to us.

If your complaint is within our delegated management area, we will deal with it as described in points 2 and 3 below.

If it is outside the scope of our management delegation, we will forward it to the insurance company for processing.

Processing times

We undertake to provide you with a response (positive or negative) within 60 days of receiving all the elements of your complaint.

Answer given

If you are a private individual and you are not satisfied with the response to your complaint, you may refer the matter to the mediator of La Médiation de l’Assurance. We would like to point out that only disputes concerning insurance for private individuals and opposing you to a broker who is a member of a union that is a member of La Médiation de l’Assurance fall within the competence of the mediator of La Médiation de l’Assurance.

You can consult the Mediation Charter on the website https://www.mediation-assurance.org/Bienvenue/chapitre “The mediator”.

You can refer to the mediator by one of the following means:

Postal address :

La Médiation de l’Assurance
TSA 50110
75441 Paris Cedex 09

Mail address:


Website address :


Please note that this procedure is not open to professionals.

Retention of documents 

Documents relating to the subject of your complaint are kept for 5 years, starting from the acknowledgement of receipt of your complaint.

Download the complaints form